Turkey Products Our turkey products are made from boneless, skinless turkey thigh. Because our turkey products are leaner, use care when cooking. To retain moisture and have a tasty lower fat dish, "Don't OVER COOK"!                       Pork       Commercial      Sensenig’s     Commercial     Sensenig’s                    Sausage              Turkey             Turkey         Turkey             Turkey                                              Sausage          Sausage            Bologna          Bologna Our products and prices are not comparable to brand name products because our products are processed from boneless, skinless turkey thighs with no fat, skin, or fillers added. With our products you get MORE MEAT AND LESS FAT. A one ounce serving of our turkey products contains less than 2 grams of fat and approximately 20 milligrams of cholesterol. Click here to view the items in our online store 10 gms 5 gms 2 gms 8 gms 2 gms COMPARE THE FAT Copyright © 2005-2021. Sensenig's Meats & Catering. turkeyleg.com. All Rights Reserved. Website Design by T & J Business Solutions Prices Change Regularly and are Subject to Change Without Notice. Please call the store for the most current up-to-date price. When placing an order - you may be invoiced for a small price increase. We update the website as often as possible.. A Party with No Fuss - Leave the Catering to Us!          Hanover, PA