Pigfeet Souse - $4.99/cup Pickled Tongue - $10.99/lb. Beef BBQ - $4.99/lb. Pulled Pork BBQ - $9.99/lb. Red Beet Eggs - $0.60/each, 3/$1.50 Regular Potato Salad - $3.49/lb. Egg/Potato Salad - $3.49/lb. Redskin Potato Salad - $3.89/lb. Regular Macaroni Salad - $3.49/lb. Sensenig’s Amish Macaroni Salad - $3.89/lb. Sensenig’s Cream Slaw - $3.49/lb. Sensenig’s Pepper Slaw - $3.49/lb. Ham Salad - $3.99/lb. Turkey Salad - $3.99/lb. Chicken Salad - $4.99/lb. Pit Turkey BBQ - $9.99/lb. Copyright © 2005-2019. Sensenig's Meats & Catering. turkeyleg.com. All Rights Reserved. Website Design by T & J Business Solutions Chicken Corn Soup - $4.95/qt. Hippey Hotdogs - $5.99/lb. Kunzler Hotdogs - $3.95/lb. Sechrist Regular Hotdogs - $6.99/lb. Sechrist Smoked Hotdogs - $6.99/lb. Chipped Beef Gravy - $5.49/lb. Fruit Salad - $2.99/lb. Pasta Salad - $2.99/lb. Baked Beans - $3.49/lb. Prices Change Regularly and are Subject to Change Without Notice. Please call the store for the most current up-to-date price. When placing an order - you may be invoiced for a small price increase. We update the website as often as possible.. A Party with No Fuss - Leave the Catering to Us!          Hanover, PA